Many of us believe that a colorful background for a wedding photo is exactly what you need. For example, bright flowers, painted buildings, a scenic mountain landscape in the background, etc. This is true, but also not true in a way.

First of all, a simple background will help to make emotions more expressive. The feelings of the bride and the groom are clearer, and for us, photographers, it’s easier to make a quality picture. You could notice that a large number of diverse objects in the background distract our attention. Even if you open the diaphragm to its maximum, the background elements remain spots of different sizes and colors, and one of the spouses may be in the blur zone.

a married couople in front of the mountain
a bride with flowers with simple background

Secondly, if the background does not help to tell the story of the couple and distracts our attention from the emotions – such a background must be excluded from the photo. Ask yourself a question: what story of the just married would you like to tell?

For me, a wedding photo is of two types. The first one is emotional – we document moments of happiness, fun, joy, tears of parents, and the emotions of guests. The second type is artistic – telling the story of love with the help of a beautiful background.

Fanal laurel forest as a background

The beautiful scenery behind the couple will add points to the image if it helps to convey the power of emotions and shows how strong the bond between the two people is, what an important moment we are witnessing, and how intense the feelings between them are.

a newly wed couple walking down a road with mountains on background

Lastly, the background itself can make the photo more interesting. But this is more of an exception and luck than a rule. A flowing light, dark and bright spots can become the center of attention. And our task here is to add the couple smoothly in the frame thereby creating a new focus. And the image will become multi-dimensional, not flat.

rays of sun on background for wedding photography

Good luck with your work!

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