When you think about a marriage proposal, no matter whether you consider a photo or video service from us, you often see it somewhere in mountains, above the clouds, in a very unique place, and that’s when one of the highest mountains in Madeira – Arieiro Peak comes in handy. Madeira is the right place for you to propose.

Ninho da Manta Arieiro Peak
First rays of the sun at Ninho da manta viewpoint, Arieiro Peak, Madeira

We would like to show you how we planned everything. Let’s start from the very beginning. We were contacted by a guy, who wanted the best possible background for his proposal. After a few letters with proposal places’ photos with a small description, he decided that only Arieiro Peak fits his criteria.

sunrise Arieiro Peak
A couple came to the spot.

The place calls Miradouro ‘Ninho da manta’, literally ‘Eagle’s nest’. It takes about 10 min to hike from the parking. I came there well before sunrise, climbed up a small rocky cliff above the viewpoint, prepared my cameras (one for the photo, one for the video), and waited for the couple.

My hidden spot is above the proposal’s place. The couple will easily notice me, but I always look like a landscape photographer in my warm waterproof jacket, with a tripod and a camera.

Marriage proposal ring, a couple

The couple appeared in 15 minutes. We agreed before that I will be ready for the moment of a proposal from their arrival. Also, the place is popular, so we needed to wait for 10 min for people to go away from the viewpoint.

Marriage proposal at Ninho da manta viewpoint near Arieiro Peak

Finally, the last man left away and my client proposed. I use a mirrorless camera, so the shutter is silent. They did not hear me taking 9 frames per second. I always ask to do a proposal without a rush: to stay on the knee a bit longer than planned, to look into each other eyes, to hold hands, etc.

marriage proposal photo
He proposed at the sunrise

I always leave enough time for a couple to enjoy the moment. When they are ready to see me, I come down. We do several portraits with a ring, a few with a couple and I film some necessary parts for the short proposal clip.

proposal ring, a couple
He proposed at the sunrise, above the clouds, Miradouro ‘Ninho da manta’, Arieiro Peak, Madeira

When the weather is right, when a proposal plan is detailed enough to have a plan B or even C, then the result is good. A marriage proposal photography or/and video is a very rewarding part of my work. You may see how your plan turns out into reality. However, the most inspiring moment for me is when one more couple becomes happier just in front of you.

marriage proposal photo / video at ninho da manta Arieiro Madeira
Viewpoint Ninho da manta at a sunrise, Arieiro Peak, Madeira