Madeira Island is densely packed with different picturesque places for engagement. We have high cliffs, mountains, and volcanic black-sand beaches at your service. I’ll try to sum up them all in one post.

best places for engagement in Madeira
Beautiful sunrise above the clouds – a great background for your engagement in Madeira

Arieiro Peak – probably the best place for your Madeira engagement

Among many beautiful spots for the marriage proposal around Madeira, one is standing apart – Arieiro Peak. It has three equally jaw-dropping sides – the Juncal viewpoint, the Ninho da Manta viewpoint, and the Arieiro-Ruivo trail. Depending on the weather, sunrise, sunset time, and seasons of the year, or your personal preferences, you may choose the one you like for your engagement the most.

couple in love at sunrise
He proposed, and she said ‘yes’.

Juncal viewpoint is great at sunrise time. If the weather cooperates, you may get a perfect blanket of clouds in front of you. I have to admit that this spot is very crowded at sunrise moment. However, a few minutes later, it becomes almost empty and suitable for your engagement.

after engagement session in Madeira
A few minutes after sunrise Juncal viewpoint is almost empty

The Ninho da Manta viewpoint is great at sunrise during the summer/autumn season. The sun lits all the valley below with its light. This viewpoint is in shadow in winter/springtime. Last year it was almost impossible to find free-from-people spots there at sunrise time. On the opposite, during sunset, or just one hour before it, you will be there alone.

engagement session at Ninho da Manta viewpoint, Madeira
Ninho da Manta, Madeira at sunset

The Arieiro-Ruivo trail is great during sunsets only. Yes, it is full of people, who come there to enjoy the last rays of the setting sun. However, the trail is long enough to find a great spot far from people with outstanding scenery.

a couple in love at sunset at Arieiro Ruivo trail in Madeira
Arieiro-Ruivo trail at sunset offers great scenery for your engagement session

Volcanic black sand beaches – unique background for your Madeira engagement

I prefer Prainha Beach on the eastern side of Madeira. This beach is very quiet in the winter/spring season. You can propose there completely alone in the winter/spring season. In summer it becomes very crowded during the daytime, but it is still possible to engage during sunrise/sunset time with almost no people around.

a couple in black volcanic sandy beach called Prainha
Engagement session in Prainha Beach, Madeira

Seixal Beach can offer you the Avatar movie-like scenery of lush green forest on steep mountains just in front of you. You need to keep in mind that this place is in its best shape during low tide. The sunrise in summer is the best time for this place. The black volcanic sand beach is very photogenic all year round, regardless of seasonality.

Girl jumps surprised while guy proposed, Seixal beach, Madeira
She jumped surprised. Seixal beach, Madeira

High cliffs of Madeira are specially designed for your engagement

Sao Lourenso is standing apart in terms of its out-of-this-world beauty. If you decide to do your engagement here, please bear in mind the place is windy. Time of year, sunrise or sunset, and season do not matter – suitable all year round.

Sunrise engagement at Sao Lourenso, Madeira
High cliffs above the Atlantic at sunrise are a perfect mix for your engagement

Crane viewpoint is among the most photogenic places for engagement in Madeira. It comes with a cost – during sunrise and the daytime, it is very crowded. However, just a few minutes after sunrise it becomes empty, but the warm light and scenery remain at the same place. This place is also great one hour before sunset time – almost no people around.

A couple in love at Crane viewpoint, Madeira
Crane viewpoint is good all year round, Madeira

Madeira Island with its natural treasures is the best place for your engagement. Depending on your preferences, you may choose among different scenery, altitudes, and levels of privacy. We know how to combine them all with the weather and seasonality to prepare the best engagement in Madeira. Drop a message to start planning your marriage proposal together.