A year ago we heard the word COVID-19 for the first time. A sad word for many of us. Since then we’ve learned a lot. We have learned how to do a photo session in the COVID-19 times in Madeira and what kind of measures we need to take to protect our clients at the same time.

photo COVID-19 measures Madeira

Madeira is a safe harbor regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a very low number of cases to compare with continental Portugal. Madeira has free PCR COVID-19 tests on arrival at the airport. We do not have crowds of people everywhere on the streets. So, if you are going to propose, get married or just have a few love story photos in Madeira, we are here to help.

Photo session in the COVID-19 pandemic in Madeira & measures we take and comply with to protect our clients

All these measures are implemented by the Portuguese authorities for the safety of people living in Madeira or coming to the island.

1. Face masks

We work outdoor mostly. Only a few cases require us to work inside the buildings like at the wedding ceremony or baptizing a child in a church. We use face medical masks every time inside & outside.

2. Keeping distance

We work from distance. Normally, an 80 mm or 135 mm lens requires us to be 3-5 meters away from the clients. These days we double the focal lens and the distance to protect you.

3. Separate transport

We use our car and our clients their cars. A very simple and efficient way to protect you, right?

With all the precautions and measures taken for the protection of our clients, we are very optimistic and eager to see you for a photo session in the COVID-19 pandemic in Madeira. Stay safe!

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