In Art Photography Madeira we treat each wedding as a masterpiece. We believe in capturing a wedding story as it goes. We try to create it the way you will re-live all the emotional moments of the wedding day again and again. That’s the way we shoot wedding video in Madeira.

Key ingredients of our wedding video

Here are some key ingredients of a great wedding video, in our opinion.

1. Establishing shots

We always film “establishing shots” to show where everything happens, to show the place where the action takes place. Frequently we use a drone to make a different perspective from the normal “everyday view”.

2. Revealing feelings

The key priority for us is to reveal the feelings between people & to show their emotions. Sometimes it is harder than we expect, but we always get to find some bright sparkles in the newlyweds’ eyes, gentle touches, and natural smiles.

3. Being ninjas

We are ninjas trying not to interfere with your wedding day. We stay aside, we film from the distance, and give the best perspective to witness the wedding’s best moments for the guests and family.

4. Including action

There is always something happening in the video. Our couples are not standing still like ice sculptures. The wedding video is interesting to watch but it is not overloaded at the same time.

5. Shooting close-ups

We shoot a lot of details/decorations/close-ups to make your wedding clip looks like a small film. Creating a wedding video involves many skills including filming, editing, directing, etc. We apply all those skills in every video we produce.

6. Recording sounds

We record sound/voices separately. The importance of background sounds and voices is clear for the final production – they make your wedding video real, natural and remind you of all the true moments of that special day, even if you watch your wedding video in Madeira many years after.

Take away

To bake a great wedding video we always use these ingredients: establishing shots, revealing of the feelings, being a video ninja, action in the frame, close-ups, records of sounds. Telling true stories of special events, we do our best for you to remember the moments in their beauty. We are not magicians, but we know how to create magic.

Preparation, wedding ceremony and reception of Olga & Stuart. Short clip.

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