We love landscape photography in Madeira! Madeira Island is densely packed by cliffs, laurel forests, endless ocean, high mountains, black volcanic sand beaches, etc. It has 57 km from east to west and 22 km from south to north. However, these 741 km2 is something special.

landscape photography in Madeira
Ponta de São Lourenço, Madeira Island, Portugal

If you like landscape photography in Madeira as much as we do, you can have photos from any location on the island – for your website, magazine, or any other purposes. We can also produce wallpapers, postcards, or calendars with your favorite landscape views.

high cliffs
Cabo Girão at sunrise, Madeira Island, Portugal

This archipelago has won the title of the best island destination of the world and Europe several times. And it has so many breath-taking spots that you can travel days on end to see them all.

landscape of Madeira
Ponta de São Lourenço before the storm, Madeira, Portugal

We have a visual obsession with old fishermen boats. You can find a lot of them around the island.

old boats
Old wooden fishermen boat at Camara de Lobos Bay

You can also join our photo tours in Madeira and make the stunning photos by yourself! Our experts will advise you on the best time and viewpoints.

landscape photography in Madeira
Jardim do Mar, Madeira Island, Portugal

Astro photography in Madeira

Madeira is a great place for stargazing. The island has relatively dark Bortle #4 sites almost free of heavy light pollution.

Astro photography in Madeira
Milky Way over Fanal, Madeira Island

And finally, you can take part in our workshop on sky night photography and learn how to take stunning Milky Way photos, other galaxies, and stars in their best appearance.

Astro photography in Madeira
Milky Way core

Write to us and we will tell you more!

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