We had a chance to witness a beautiful wedding of Luísa and João, a young couple from the fishermen town of Câmara de Lobos in Madeira. It was a great pleasure to provide photo and video services for such a wonderful event of a couple in love.

We wish you a long happy life together!

Here are some highlights from that special day.

bride and bouquet
Best moment of Luisa and Joao wedding
Madeira wedding bouquet
She caught the bouquet

Everybody wants to dance with the bride.

wedding in Madeira
Dancing queen

The ceremony went well.

Bride and groom in church
Almost married

It was a surprise for the newlyweds with fireworks and for us as well. But we manage to capture the best moments.

wedding cake, bride and groom
Madeira wedding tradition to cut the cake with fireworks
Madeira wedding
Happy people at the wedding of Luisa & Joao
Madeira wedding
High ceilings are made for this
Helping the bride
Details fixed

The dress and accessories are waiting for the bride.

Wedding dress
Everything is ready for the wedding, except the bride

He looks ready, but there is a storm of emotions inside him.

Madeira wedding groom
What does the groom think about?

Happiness and fun are all around.

wedding with flowers, rice, bride, groom
Literally covered by flowers and rice

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