If you wonder how our clients look just one hour before their weddings and what they do, have a look at this small gallery! I wish I had some photos of my wedding preparations!

What our brides and grooms do

Gabriella chose to jump on the bed in a 5* hotel room. What else you can do there? We like the way she thinks!

bride jumps in a hotel room
Getting ready photo session by Art Photography Madeira

It should not be boring

One hour before the wedding should not be boring – you are free to make it the way you want. This groom preferred to have getting ready session with fun.

happy groom
few hours before the wedding

When you are surrounded by your bridesmaids, you are free to sit and do nothing! Until you are almost late for your wedding.

If you are a man, you most likely, got ready quickly and have time for a shot/beer with best men.

Men are ready for the wedding

It is never enough time to be ready on time. There are always details to fix and things to do!

one hour before the wedding
Last make-up details

A groom kisses his mother before going to the wedding ceremony in a church.

one hour before the wedding
Groom kissing his mother

Last check

A bride goes through a ready-for-the-wedding check-list: a dress, a make-up, a veil, a bouquet, and a smile!

a bride in wedding dress
Checklist: a dress, make-up, veil, bouquet and smile

It is very important to check the presence of wedding rings.

groom with wedding ring
One hour before the wedding is perfect time to check rings presenсe

Who said the bride has to be hungry?

One hour before the wedding a bride can order a hamburger with fries and eat it with pleasure! By the way, after that, she felt ready for the open-air ceremony in Palheiro Gardens

one hour before the wedding photo
Bride eating a hamburger

Not only girls are picky about their look, but also men. Norberto made a nice knot of his tie only from the third try.

one hour before the wedding
Making a tie knot is not an easy task, especially if you never did it before

Hotel room, almost ready bride. Where the hell is the dress? Finally, it came. Last glance before wearing it.

one hour before the wedding
A bride examine her wedding dress thoroughly

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