Nobody knows best photo locations in Madeira as well as we do! Why are we so sure? Because noone spent so many days wandering around with a camera, climbing every mountain peak and checking behind every corner in this beautiful island. Nobody else had so many tries and fails with weather conditions, proper lighting and time of the day before finally reaching a perfect image as we did. We don’t know anyone else here who collected as many ticks – those blood sucking bugs – from spending nights and days on end in the open nature in the hunt for the ultimate shoot. The story with the bugs ended well – after searching out all clothes and shoes we were safe. And now we are proud to say that we are the best photo tour guides in Madeira.

If you are a professional photographer that needs a local support and a ride, or you are an aspiring photo artist that wants to make once in a lifetime images here – contact us and we will help you. Honestly, we will have a huge pleasure to share with you the beauties of the local world, because we love them so much.

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